You came for me!

“You came for me!”

I bet you are curious about what might have happened! 

If you are that curious, read on my dear sister…read on!

This could easily be a story of defeat because that is how I felt.

Or it could easily be the title of my next book: You Came For Me! Why Didn’t I See His Glory!!!!!!!!

I’m still working on that title!

But I digress. There are Black women everywhere under constant attack, heretofore, named microaggressions, insults, and invalidations who silently harbor their pain. 

I did! And I turned that pain into purpose and power.

I created a course and sisterhood for you to work through the emotional residue of that “stuff” that is often projected onto us that we internalize that makes us sick.

This course is waiting on you!  If this sounds like your story…and you want to know my story…join us in the course. We unpack racial transgressions and related personal hurts as we elevate as Black women in leadership C-Suite professionals, ministry, and women on the go to aspire higher.

[Early registration for the four-week Spring Cohort Masterclass Series: The Awakening…Finding Our Voice and Standing in Our Truth! Is on! Check out the registration in the link.]

But I also curated wellness retreat spaces for us to gather together and share our stories while we heal.

All the work I do with and for Black women is to bring us together to heal so we do not feel alone in our journey. 

We need a safe space for courageous conversations and wellness discussions that educate and provide practical strategies on ways to reduce and manage anxiety, reduce stress and burnout, improve mental wellness, show you how to navigate spaces where experiences of racism, bias, microaggressions, and microinvalidations have silenced us all while we are striving to perform and do our best as leaders, mothers, wive, business owners, caregivers, etc.   

Your health matters!

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In Your Wellness,

Dr. Clack