When A “No” Might Be the Best Answer

Sounds crazy, right? We are presented with something we have wanted and dreamed about for a long time and it falls short of what we expected. Or we find an opportunity that we believe is “just for me,” we put on a brave face, go for it, and …*crickets*, or another door slams in our face.

Several months ago, my dear friend shared an opportunity with me that she said “This is you.” We chopped it up about how big that opportunity appeared and that I did not think I had the expertise or that it was outside of my wheelhouse to do that depth of work. She convinced me to try anyway. (Remember this part).

This was a major well known and branded Black women’s health and wellness magazine.  Although I create content and deliver content via social media, speaking engagements, etc. I had NEVER thought of myself as a content creator, and still don’t. (Remember this part too.)

Yet, I applied because I liked the idea of using my lived experience, personal and professional history, likeability quotient, and social-emotional intelligence to make this work.  I liked the idea that I needed to dream bigger and believe in greater for myself. This opportunity felt totally out of my comfort zone and a huge stretch for me. (Once more, this part).

Well, with these kinds of opportunities, no news is likely a big fat NO! (LOL). That’s just the way it is.  

Fast forward to today. I picked up that magazine because I buy it monthly, (something I’ve done since college).  I decided to be the detective, the sleuth, and see what changes were made to their staffing. Who did they choose? I’m nosy. I reviewed the table of contents for new names and new assignments and I think (emphasis on think) I see who might be in that position (s).  Well, let’s look further into these boss ladies. When I researched their profile and digital footprint, I realized they were the best candidates and I would have hired them too, hands down. 

Here is what I learned. (Remember what I asked you to remember?)

  1. I am a content creator for MY brand and although I was not qualified for that particular position, the opportunity to apply expanded my vision to think bigger and get out of my own way.
  1. I learned that I have family and friends who see things in me that are HUGE and that if they believed in me, why aren’t I believing in me?
  1. The no in this case is a yes, for me. The yes is that I discovered what I want for my next. I loved the job description of that position because it was about wellness and well-being, but that was only part of it.  But I told myself I could learn the rest. But could I really? What would have been sacrificed and was I ready for that leap?

I encourage each of us to consider if we are dreaming too small and if fear and anxiety have stopped us from reaching for the stars.  What’s your story? Why are you playing small and shrinking back? Remind yourself daily that winning is possible for you. I heard Les Brown’s recent motivational talk. He encouraged us to wake up every morning and recite, “It’s possible.” Stand in front of the mirror every day and tell yourself, “It’s possible.”

It’s possible.

In Your Wellness,

Dr. Clack

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