Vision Boards Aren’t Just Hype: Framing My Future in Pictures

My first vision board experience was with the Queen Boss of Vision Boards Lucinda Cross in New York in 2015. It was a snow storm like no other and if you live in NY or near NY you know snow storms can be horrendous. I refused to let that stop me. I had to be there. I watched the weather forecast until the last minute we could get on the road from South Jersey (about 2 hours). My husband asked me several times, “you sure it’s not cancelled? it’s bad outside.” He could see how excited and serious I wanted to be there and said, “ok.” (He is truly a trooper because he didn’t come in the event, he hung out in NY and caught a movie!)
Learning from the Queen of Vision Boards helped me to frame my future in new ways. I had a great time networking and sharing with the other ladies and connecting with Lucinda.
If you look at the vision board I created in 2015, in the top left corner it reads, ‘”start & finish my book.” Well, in 2018 I did just that! When you set a goal, it may not happen right away but the vision board was created to set the stage for future and present goals.
Many people will think that Vision Board parties are just about wine, desserts and games. Nope! Not any vision board event I have attended. Why? Because I set out to create my vision with intention and expectation. I show up expecting results because I have already visualized the manifestation of each goal. If I don’t reach that goal, that’s on me. I need to go back and unpack my steps and reset for the next new year, or next month, or next week.
Be intentionally focused on making every year a good year. However, if you have never created a vision board, do some research and create one! I have not stopped making boards since 2015.
Three quick tips for how to use the board after you have created it:
1. Dream bigger. If the goals are on your board are achievable without discomfort, it’s too small.
2. Step outside your comfort zone. FEAR is holding many of us hostage from taking great leaps of faith. Put that dream or goal on the board and do it afraid! Some of us are building a fortress around the hell we are already in: not letting anyone in and sure enough not stepping out! Let your guard down and take risks responsibly. Get rid of toxic people and relationships!
3. Have fun! Life is serious and we forget adult play. All work and no play makes Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl.
See you 2020!!!! Renewed Vision!