Trim the Bushes So You Can See Your Roses

Amazing. The beauty of roses are like no other flower.
As I was walking this morning listening to my music, I happened to turn around and noticed my back gate was cracked (I have dogs so that was not good). I walked over to secure the gate and as the AC unit kicked on, I turned around and saw red flowers …roses…that I had never seen before. Simply beautiful. Can I tell you I have lived in this house more than 10 years and have never noticed them.
I took pictures (of course) because it immediately took my back to my childhood. My mother always had a rose bush she curated and pruned in our yard growing up. By the way, my mother’s name is Rose (for real). I remember watching her cut it and prune it. I tried to cut and prune it a couple of times but the thorns were so sharp…and painful.
See the picture. The roses are hidden behind the bush. They are peeking out. I sent the picture to family and my mother said, “trim the bushes that are in front of it down.” My sister said, “trim the bushes so we can see the roses.
When I tell you how just those simple 9 words hit my spirit as if right from God! Here is what I heard in my spirit: “move all of the negativity, insecurity, pain, fog, cloudiness, junk, fear, anxiety, and emotional stuff out of your life, so you have clarity and a renewed vision for where God is taking you. Your light cannot shine if its hidden behind a bush!”
This blessed my spirit so much. If I had not started this wellness journey as result of COVID19 (journaling, walking, prayer, adult coloring, reading book club, etc), I would not have been outside walking and God would not have been able to direct, guide, expose me to what was there all this time. It was right there…all the time. Everything you need to be great, healthy, and healed is already inside of you.
What is blocking your vision?
Trim the bushes so you can see your roses!!!!!!
Blessings, Dr. Angela