Time Is Running Out: Beating Burnout

At the time of the writing of this article, we are only 12 days into the new year of 2023. Those who ‘still’ make New Year resolutions, by now, have likely not stuck to them. We have 355 days until 2024 and already the women I see in my practice and meet on the streets are burned out.  Twelve days!  This got me thinking about the failure to follow through and commit to self-care in the last year and a complete lack of prioritizing our health. We have been “on” since birth. Literally.

Black women are experiencing burnout at an accelerated rate. A recent study on stress found that Black women experience “accelerated biological aging” as a result of repeated or prolonged stress, like, for example, the kind brought on by poverty or trying to prove one’s worth in a discriminatory workplace. Black women frequently struggle with microaggressions, a lack of opportunities, and the pressure to be constantly “on.”

Actress, Taraji P. Henson, who you may know as Cookie from Empire and Catherine from Hidden Figures, and who can forget, Baby Boy, shared her experience with finding happiness and joy and describing what sounded like depression in a recent podcast. In her transparency, Taraji spoke about feeling “exhausted and empty.” She said she has always been the one who is the life of the party even when she didn’t feel like it.  She is on a mission to “find the happiness that once was naturally in her.” She said that many Black women face, “being the strong one.” Taraji shared how many people are dependent on her and that she is not a hero!” In other words, she is like you and I and it’s time we acknowledged and gave voice to our vulnerability. Taraji is taking a month hiatus and spiritual journey to Bali “to find happiness.”

Now, many of us…most of us…cannot financially afford such a lavish adventure for 30 days. But we can do some things to recharge, and find our happiness and joy.

My top 3 recommendations for immediate relief:

  1. Take a break and fast from social media. It has become an addiction. We go to bed with our electronics and wake up to them. Addictions rob us of peace, joy, sanity, sleep, and connection with others. It is a breeding ground for social comparison and competition.
  2. Learn to manage your personal and professional boundaries. Let your Yes be your Yes and your No, a No! Your time and resources are your currency. Your healthcare and mental health are priceless.
  3. Do something you’ve never done. When was the last time you did something you’ve never done? This question was posed at an event. We can’t all spend a month in Bali, but we can find a beach day, a day in the coffee shop with a good book, a shower (hot or cold), a refreshing nap in the middle of the day, or trying food from a culture you have never tried.  Create a bucket list of things to do for 2023 and share them with others to hold you accountable and cheer you on!

In fact, stay connected with our brand and practice on all social media platforms. We are planning self-care events throughout this year and the VIP (Vision Intensified & Personified) Experience may be just what you need and deserve!