The Faith of a Mustard Seed: How Big is Your Faith

“I won! I won! I won.!!! (insert victory dance). Recently, I was blessed to attend our church’s minister’s appreciation luncheon and vision board party. When I walked into our gathering, every detail and attention to decor and recognition was superb! Our pastor set the most beautiful table, prepared a delicious 5 course meal, and added a bonus activity-a game that only required we show up and add our name to a drawing.
And then…there is was! This beautiful wall hanging set back against the wall. I immediately feel in love because I am all things jazzy and classy! All the ladies were also admiring it, but I was super duper excited to win that prize. So much so, I laid hands on it and prayed for it…I really did. I claimed it in the name of Jesus. The selfie below was my pre-victory pose even before the name drawing.
I kept my eye on, touched it, and even imagined where I would put it in my office. The pastor was careful to make every entry the same so we all had an equal chance. Our senior pastor was asked to pick the names. He asked, “who thinks they won?” I raised both of my hands. I just felt it in my spirit. He pulled the name and Hallelujah! It was my name. I danced, laughed, and screamed, and jumped! I am quite a competitive person. (see victory picture below).
So what’s the point? If I can have the faith to believe in a picture, what else can I believe God for? A new home? A new car? Debt freedom? Fully furnished practice? A dream vacation? global speaking opportunities? passing an exam? healing?
Yes! All of this and more. I learned that God wants to bless us more abundantly and above all that we could think or ask. If we just have faith and believe; the faith of a grain of a mustard seed! Do you know how small a grain of mustard seed is? The word says that it’s so small it’s unfathomable to believe that faith that big can move a mountain.
I learned something in this experience. I keep God too small in my life. Today and forevermore He is my all in all and I will believe Him for greater in my life. Nothing will be impossible.
Blessings, Dr. Clack