Manifesting Success: 5 Mindful Steps to Make 2024 Your Year

Hello Everyone!

This year, let’s ditch the traditional New Year’s resolutions and embrace the transformative power of vision-building and mindset shifts. Here are some quick mental notes that resonated with me, thanks to the wisdom shared by @kandissedwards. Link for full article published by Black Enterprise Women of Power.

1)Embrace Your Divine Assignment:

In 2024, I am choosing to align with opportunities that resonate with who I am, who I am becoming, and that align with my purpose and values. Let’s connect with what we are divinely assigned to do in this world.

2)Stay in Your Lane:

Turn off or limit distractions that lead you into other people’s lanes. We all have our unique paths, so let’s avoid the comparison trap. Your gifts will create the space you need to thrive.

3)Action Over Overthinking:

Don’t get caught in the trap of overthinking. Move beyond the vision and take daily actions in your business. Avoid the paralysis of analysis and embrace the power of execution.

4)Prioritize “Me” Time:

This year, I’m committing to being as intentional about self-care as I am about my accomplishments. Let’s reframe self-care as the 4 Rs: Restoration, Rejuvenation, Rest, and the revolutionary act of being MORE THAN doing.

5)Make Money Moves:

Your business is not a hobby. Prioritize revenue-generating activities without guilt. Stop feeling ashamed to ask for what you’re worth. 

As @kandissedwards wisely puts it, “You make money with the value you’re bringing into this world.”

As we embark on 2024, let’s make this year about intentional growth, resilience, and success. 

Share your goals, stay focused, and let’s make strides together!