Let’s Get Creative

Ladies, how are you? Thank you for taking the time to read our last blog. I hope the information we discussed helped you relax and that you have rested well. Today we are introducing our next topic, which is arts and crafts. It’s a pleasure to discuss the benefits of arts and crafts. I love getting my hands dirty with some paint! Especially during hard times, the finest masterpieces are created with patience. As we all know, art is created by the time and passion you put into it. It could also be for fun, but once you get started you will never want to stop.

Art is a form of escape. Painting is one of my favorite art forms because you could use different colors to create something beautiful. Have you ever created something you’re proud of? What is your favorite art form? While you take a minute to think, let’s go over the benefits of arts and crafts.

One of the main benefits that arts and crafts can activate is self-expression. An article on Positive Psychology shared that “We define self-expression as expressing one’s thoughts and feelings, and these expressions can be accomplished through words, choices or actions.” Self-expression is very well-known in the creative world. This is to express your true self through your art so that others could become inspired to do the same. Also, it could unlock a hidden talent you never knew you had! Isn’t that exciting?!

Remember that I stated earlier, “the finest masterpieces are created with PATIENCE.” Patience is key for creative expression through art. You wouldn’t evolve creatively without it. Be calm and let the paintbrush do the work.

Lastly, the most important benefit of art is to reduce stress. In our lives, stress plays a significant role, and we need ways to alleviate it. Take a paintbrush or pencil and non-judgmentally discover what you can really do. It is always great to find activities to cope with stress. This is one of those experiences where creativity is enhanced by the experience. If you have been following our pieces here in the blog space, you’ll recall we have been talking about creating and intentionally vibin’ through experiences that enhance our wellness. Those blue and green spaces, getting away and changing environments, and getting rest.  Art through creative expression is an escape into a world where you can just be present and not have to do!

Let your inner artist shine and don’t ever dim your light! I’ll talk to you again soon.

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In Your Wellness,

Briana Ricks, BA Intern Stockton University

Angela R. Clack PsyD LPC, Practice CEO, ACS