Learning to Flow in Your Glow

One week ago this weekend, I had an amazing time at the Ignite Women’s Empowerment Summit in Pa. It was an extraordinary time for ladies from across the US who came together to get poured into by powerhouse women of God anointed to speak into our lives. Well, guess what! I got what I came for and more because I came with confident expectation. That’s right, I was on the verge of burn out and knew that my cup was empty and need refilling. But not just by anyone. I needed someone who was anointed and gifted to uplift and encourage me to up-level my current situation.
I was confident that if I set expectations and goals for the time I would be engaged that I would leave that event feeling re-ignited and ready to make serious changes and a re-newer mindset for growth and success.
I’m still glowing. I’m walking in my flow.
3 Strategies to Get the Most from Live Events
  1. Choose events that nurture your need and challenge you to think out of your comfort zone. There is a women’s conference or event every week of the year-literally. When networking we can’t attend every single event. Some events are the familiar; others require a more serious investment and may be necessary for you to grow beyond where you are. So, ask yourself: why am I attending this event? What should I expect to learn or receive during my time at the event? Will I make the necessary connections?
  2. Confident Expectation that I will be changed by the experience. Don’t attend events because “it’s the thing to do” “I can get dressed up” “my friends are going.” None of the reasons are going to stretch you beyond your current situation. Expect that 30 days, 90 days, I year from the event that you will changed and be stretched and will have developed the capacity to be a stronger, smarter, healthier, happier person as a result of being there.
  3. Journal Your Experience. Capture Revelations. Don’t walk away with just the feeling of exhilaration without capturing it in your journal or notebook. If you took notes-review them often. If you bought the video/CD, again, listen to them often, don’t allow them to collect dusk. Use journaling as accountability for reaching your goals and following up on the commitments you made to yourself and up-leveling your success.
  4. Keep in touch with new friends and contacts you made. These events are great opportunities to make connections and new friends, possible new business connections. Share business ideas and contacts; collect business cards and social media handles, etc.
With that being said, before you register for the next live event or choose to host your own, ask yourself the questions above. Make your future experiences in attending events worth every moment and dollar you spend to invest wisely in your elevation!
Walk in Your Flow. Flow in Your Glow.