I Used To Be That Girl

By 6, or 7 am two to three times a week I am up and headed to the gym for my workout with my trainer. We have met for training virtually since the pandemic in 2020. We started training in my garage when the gyms were closed due to the pandemic. He was in his home and I was in my garage. When the world opened up, I joined a gym. I was never really a gym person. However, to gain maximum results I decided to do something different.

One day this week as I worked out in the gym I noticed my posture and my confidence. I walked around like “I knew what I was doing”, and I saw myself walking around the gym with my head up and super-focused on my training goals. I thought to myself, “Wow, I used to be that girl… that was ashamed of her body, compared myself to others, averted eye contact, and was timid..” It took me many years, well into my 40s when I learned not to care about what others thought about me and instead learned to love the woman I was becoming.

I have since worked on self-acceptance in loving and embracing who I am.

I offer you the following tips for embracing the skin you are in:

  1. Comparison is the thief of joy! I am a joy seeker. Release all of the old negative and self-defeating thoughts you have/had about the woman you were in your former self.
  2. Change what you do not like. In my journey to wellness through nutrition and fitness I asked God for healing strategies and He healed me of my afflictions, i.e., fibroids, obesity, and low mood.
  3. Learn to stick to your commitments. No one is going to do the work of healing for you. Commit to healing and do your work. Whether that is getting a therapist, joining a church or faith community, finding a trainer, or ridding your life of toxic relationships. Whatever those needs are, do whatever you need to do to go after what will heal your mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Let’s move into the next season of your life seeking joy. You got this!

If you are asking yourself where to start, grab your FREE Personal Wellness Plan. It is a 10-page guide to get you started in your wellness journey.

Let’s heal together!

In Your Wellness,
Dr. Clack