I Am The Table

“I love New York!!!” 

For four days, I was in Manhattan, NY for a therapist mastermind group. Two full class days and a day of travel and rest.  I was excited and nervous at the same time. This was the first time I would navigate the city alone.  I did it! I strategically chose a hotel near the venue where the class was held so I could walk everywhere or at least Uber or taxi with minimal stress.  And the best part was the train ride into the city from Philadelphia. No driving! I gazed out the train window, dreamt about my goals and travel plans, and had a conversation with God about what I would get from this experience.  

Why am I here?  I’ve worked with the therapist business coach Doctor TK for the past two years to scale my mental health business to think big and dream bigger. Some of you don’t know half the sacrifices it takes to get this far. But today…

The Elite Therapist Mastermind 2023 is held twice, once in Las Vegas and this one in New York. 

If you want more, you have to invest in more: mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

It’s easy for people to look at photos and think entrepreneurship is easy and fun.

No, it’s not. But my motto is Work Hard Play Hard

What I learned from this Mastermind class cohort and experience is that God is expanding my territory and therefore my value just went up. My rates, fees, and speaking rates just increased. You can no longer pick my brain for free. I now understand my worth. Profitability includes investing in yourself, and that’s what I’m doing. Get ready. I’m sending out invoices. 

I’ve invested thousands of dollars to be here.

I’m not asking nor expecting a seat at the table.

I’m not bringing my own chair to the table.

I’m not building the table.

I am the table.

You feel me? It’s your time too! What do you need to invest in to expand and grow your mindset, business, career goals, and relationships? Maybe you need to invest in therapy? A life coach? A mentor? A trainer? Go back to school?

Whatever it is…it is your time.  Drop me a line so that I can join you in spirit for what is next for you!

We’re in this together!

In Your Wellness,

Dr. Clack