Guest Appearance on Total Life Transformation TV with Dr. Laverne Adams

Did you happen to catch the real-time FB live version of my guest appearance as Transformation Strategist on the Total Life Transformation TV Show with Dr. Laverne Adams (on Friday November 18)? It was amazing! I had a really good time sharing the spotlight with my mentor and first life coach Dr. LaVerne Adams. I taped two shows that will air in a few weeks on the local cable network. My charge was to talk about what Emotional Transformation (ET) is and to discuss techniques available to us all to achieve good mental health in spite of what night be going in the world-you know in this political and uncertain climate.
Emotional Transformation is a mental and emotional shift from feeling “stuck” in the ordinary; the unhealthy yet obsessive habit of overthinking; the I don’t know what I feel, but something is not right.
What I know for sure is that to live a life of abundance and to live the dream life we all desire, we have to make that shift from “stuck” to overcoming obstacles.
See, I know my dream life will require a vision beyond what my eyes can see. This weekend I followed my heart’s desire and God’s instructions to “write the vision and make it plain.” I purchased magazines to begin designing the life I want to live; creating the home for my family we desire; and live my dream life-you can to.

3 Transformation Strategies to Live Your Dream Life

  1. Create a vision board (virtually (Pinterest) or the cut and paste method-either will work! Grab magazines (or chose images) of every good and great thing you desire in life: family, fun, travel, career, health, finances, new home, etc.
  2. Create affirmations and speak them daily over yourself and your family daily. Affirmations are great for getting into the subconscious mind all the desires and goals you are seeking.
  3. Believe you receive it! That’s right-claim it in advance. Speak it into the universe and trust God to fulfill every dream and desire that you can imagine.
Believe in yourself like no one else can. Take charge of your life. Be courageous and make declarations and confessions over your life.
Until next time, be well and Be Unapologetically You,
Dr. Angela Clack-Your Transformation Strategist

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