Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable…Oops, I think I messed up!

This blog originally was to be going to be a post because I felt so passionate about it and wanted pretty colors to make a bold statement. But then, I realized there was more to my story. That this story was too long for even a 4 sentence post (I really do not enjoy reading long posts).
Here’s what I learned this past week: Get comfortable being uncomfortable because where I am headed not everyone is going nor is everyone interested nor share the same passion I have for the things God has destined me to do or be. If you follow my feed on FB you’ll see how often I post events that I believe others would be encouraged and inspired to join and partcipate. For the last month, I posted about a Self-Care Festival that was to be held in New York. I was so excited to see a whole festival dedicated to a platform I often speak about when it comes to mental health care and that is self -care. I read the agenda and was motivated to attend. I posted and re-posted and as the date grew closer, I asked if anyone in the area was interested in attending. No response. I really wanted to go and even started to ask my friends. It’s that time of the year and many were already committed to other activities. I talked with my husband and I said, if no one responds I won’t go. I’m fearful of getting lost in New York. Regrettably, I did not go. I think I messed up and should have made my way there.
This same weekend a notable minister was coming to a town near me and I knew that if I didn’t see her here, I wouldn’t likely travel to hear her anytime soon. Here go the posts and IMs between myself and others. I’m going. I plan to go. I’ll meet you there. Guess what? I went alone and those who planned to go, did not. I had no problem getting there and I was determined to get there to hear that message from that woman of God I admire.
Driving to and from the event, I had a conversation with God. Here is what wisdom I gleaned from God in that moment. Everyone does not have the hunger and compassion for the things that you do. Get used to going places and doing things alone. The platform I give you is not always going to be designed for others to stand with you. I give you a message to take to the masses. Stay hungry for the things of God and He will feed you and create opportunities and platforms for you to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God and to be a blessing to so many others. Get comfortable being uncomfortable because I’m going to stretch you and you cannot be fearful to travel, perceive lack, worry what you look like, what you sound like, etc. You are a reflection of Me, the God in You. Who’s better than that!
So, here is what’s in this for you. If you have a passion to do something but fear doing it alone, get comfortable being uncomfortable-God’s got your back. If you have wanted to skydive, but have been afraid, do it; if you have wanted to travel but haven’t because you are waiting on your friends to get their coins together, you’re missing out; if you want to go to a concert, and no one wants to go, do it alone; if you want to learn to ride motorcycles, but can’t seem to find anyone to share your interest, do it alone; if you haven’t done live chats or videos but know you have a message that needs to be shared, do it; whatever it is that you have held back on for fear of doing it alone or waiting on others, you are missing out because when you get to that place, God has someone or something waiting on the other side of what you won’t do.
Do it anyway.