Ending 2019 With Renewed Vision for 2020

Can you predict how many times you will hear this brand slogan and catchy cliche? “Entering the New Year with 2020 vision!” I guarantee you every church and ministry leader will use it, every mindset and business coach, and every person creating their 2020 vision board is going to grab and hold onto this very catchy title!
And…it’s ok… because I’m doing it too!!! I want you to imagine it is January 2020… today. I want you to picture yourself doing exactly what you said you would be doing in January 2020 as you saw it in your mind’s eye to create and commit to new goals, business plans and personal goals.
Ok…tell me…let’s share. List the top 10 things you will commit to doing. Remember you are writing the list today, December 1, 2019 as if it were January 2020 and you are keeping that promise to yourself to do exceedingly better this year than every year before.
I’ll start. Here is my top 10 that I will re-commit to for 2020.
1. Consistently posting blogs.
2. Resume my Facebooks lives!
3. Commit to a fitness routine and it doesn’t have to major. I just need to do something physical daily.
4. Read the Bible daily.
5. Journal.
6. Check in on loved ones, friends, colleagues more frequently. I’m going to do something foreign to most….call not just text!
7. Work on my next book projects.
8. Monthly vision boards. Yes I said it -monthly!
9. Show greater compassion to others.
10. Pray without ceasing.
So, there you have it. This is just 10, I have more I plan to make a part of my 2020 Renewed Vision, but I won’t overwhelm myself too soon.
This blog is short and sweet and created to get a jump start into the new year!
Share your top ten.
See in 2020!
Dr. Angela

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