A Season In The Fire

I have to admit this has been quite a challenging season in my life. Just the last six months as I have grown closer in my relationship with Christ, I’ve found the fiery darts increasing. Is it a season or am I just “in a funk?” Is it the winter blues? Whatever you want to call it, it has to be addressed. Does this sound like a familiar place for you?
We must have a very candid and honest conversation with ourself and a time of self-reflection about what we’re feeling, where (in our body) we’re feeling it, and when did it occur to us this “feeling” “funk” or “season” has around for awhile.
I prefer to call this “place” I’m in a season as opposed to a dark place, funk or rut. In order for it to be a season, it needs to be reframed from the “dark place, the funk, and rut as a rightful position that God has us in right now in order for us to grow and to be stretched into the man and woman of God created us to be. See, we can have to be careful not to fall into a season of complacency which can turn into depression and helplessness.
Recently, I was witness to a powerful testimony of a young woman who struggles with depression. In her testimony, she talked about the her faith being tested. She shared that she wondered if God had forgotten about her. In my response to her I said that her tests and trials (her faith “rupture”) was an awesome analogy for how what the devil meant for evil (bad), God turned it around to work for her good. I see her as one of God’s great warriors that had to go through the fire to learn how to fight in the battle to win the war. She said that going through the fire has made her walk with God so much more authentic. Exactly! How do you know what He really can do for you, if you never need him.
Signs and symptoms you are in a season aka funk, fog, dark place, etc.
1. You find yourself procrastinating and avoiding really important tasks and projects that you were once very passionate about.
2. You find yourself withdrawing and isolating from others.
3. You find yourself more moody, irritable, and curt with others.
4. You find yourself over-eating, under-eating, over-sleeping, not sleeping.
5. You find yourself engaged in mindless tasks when you should be working with intent and focus.
6. You find yourself making excuses and rationalizations for why things are not getting done.
7. You find yourself believing your inner mean girl, nasty guy, the critic that tells you everything you’re not or the negative and self-limiting beliefs of your past that tell you, “you’ll never measure up.”
8. You find yourself needing more from others but being afraid to ask for support and help.
I am certain that many of you reading this list could add eight or 10 more. Something has happened that is challenging your belief about who God said you are: perhaps a broken relationship, a failed project, a rejection letter from a publisher, the number on the scale, a test failure, a negative performance evaluation on the job, a series of circumstances that challenge your faith.
God created us for greatness. We have way too much work to accomplish in the Kingdom to allow the enemy a sneak attack on our destiny and purpose. There is a word for each of us in this season. Perhaps this season is a time for you to unplug and be set apart to hear from God for direction and guidance. A season in the fire (whatever that looks like for you) will reveal more about you, your God character and your purpose. A season in the fire matures your faith and spiritual walk. Don’t give up. Don’t quit while you’re in the fire.