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A happy familyHere at Clack Associates we are committed to helping you feel important, no matter the circumstances life has thrown your way. It is our deepest desire that when we cross each others path, you walk away feeling empowered.

A Counseling Relationship is a professional relationship in which a licensed therapist helps the client to explore and resolve difficult life challenges. As individuals become more self aware and accepting of themselves, they are able to live more fully and authentically and are capable of finding joy and contentment in their lives.

So whether you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, grief/loss, as well as general emotional distress and relationship/interpersonal problems or you just need someone who will really listen, we would love to be of Service

Clients who seek our services are typically experiencing depression, anxiety, and interpersonal distress including relationship/intimacy issues. We specialize in working with adolescents who present with emotional and behavioral disturbances including self injury, family conflict, self esteem issues and relationship stress.

Dr. Clack has a particular interest in treating women and their conditions secondary to trauma,interpersonal/intrapersonal distress, physical health conditions, and mood disturbance.

Her specialties are working with youth who have emotional and behavioral disturbances, learning difficulties, and individuals who present with trauma history and trauma related behaviors.

Therapy is conducted at our private practice office in Sicklerville, New Jersey.

Your past no longer has to hold you captive. It’s time to be free to live your life to its fullest!
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